What is SkiRacer?

SkiRacer is a tool for automatic video recordinag and organizing amateur slalom competitions. It automates registration, maintaining the leaderboard and video recording of runs. You can use your smartphone to view videos, racing results and share them on social networks.

How to use SkiRacer?

1) Use your ski ticket to start the race

2) After finishing the race register through a SkiRacer smartphone application/website

3) Enter your ski ticket number (in section Add ticket)

4) In My races and My video sections you will find your time, leaderboard and videos of your rides that you will be able to share with your friends on social networks

How do I produce a SkiRacer video and race?

To be able to produce your SkiRacer video and race you have to meet the following requirements:

• It is only possible to pass the SkiRacer turnstile, if the light indicator is green.

• As soon as you check in with your ski ticket you have to wait 5 seconds to start your race - the timing and the recording starts automatically.

• In order for your video to be recorded to the end and you time to be measured, you have to cross the finish line.

• Only one participant is allowed on the racing track at one time. The recording of your race can be failed, If another person enters the track during your race.

• Strong wind and snow may affect the video recording process.

How often do I have to enter my ski ticket?

One ski ticket has to be entered only once. Just keep your statistics up to date by pulling to refresh My video/My races

How can I share my video and races?

Push the sharing button on the left lower corner in the section My videos/My races, choose the social network and then choose the video or race you want to publish and confirm your choice.

Why is my video not available?

There can be the following reasons:

• You haven`t retrieved your video yet: enter the ski ticket you have used at the SkiRacer turnstile at smartphone application/website.

• Strong wind and snow may affect the video recording process.

• Might be some problems with Internet connection at the ski resort. Try again 1 hour later.

What can I do if one of the participant carried out his/her race with rules violation?

You can view the videos of other participants' races by clicking TOP in the "My races". Select the video of the race, which in your opinion was made with rules violation, and click on the Red Flag, then confirm your choice. The administrator will watch the video and make a decision to exclude/not exclude the race from the competition list.

In which ski resorts do I find SkiRacer tracks?

You can find out more about the currently available SkiRacer-tracks through smartphone application SkiRacer or website in section Places to go.