The Russia’s First Automatic Video Recording System of Skiers and Snowboarders SkiRacer Launched in Chelyabinsk Region

In the beginning of January the Russia’s first automatic video recording slalom track SkiRacer was installed at Sunny Valley ski resort (Chelyabinsk region, Miass)

With SkiRacer you can show off not just you skiing/snowboarding skills but also get the video of the race.

SkiRacer is really easy to use: you just check in with your skipass, wait for the green signal to appear and race as fast as you can. Once the race is finished you can watch your video and results and share them social networks using smartphone application My SkiRacer (iOSAndroid) or website by entering your skipass number.

The system was developed and installed by 3DiVi Company based in Chelyabinsk (Russia), the resident of Skolkovo IT Cluster. «SkiRacer» - is an universal system. It can be used for competitions among friends who come to a ski resort as well as for organizing corporate events and even for trainings of the sportsmen. On video you have a chance to watch your faults. Such systems are already installed on some ski resorts in Europe, however, for Russia it is an unique case», - Irina Magdenko, Project Manager

About SkiRacer

SkiRacer is a tool for automatic video recording and organizing amateur slalom competitions. It automates registration, maintaining the leaderboard and video recording of runs. After race is finished you can watch your video and results and share it in social networks using smartphone application My SkiRacer (iOSAndroid) or website

About Sunny Valley

Ski resort Sunny Valley is situated in Sirostan, 10 kilometers away from Miass city (Russia, Chelyabinsk region). It is one of the most popular ski resort in Ural region. The total number of slopes is 14. The total length of the slopes is 7 kilometers.

About 3DiVi

3DiVi Company is a 3D intelligence company that develops computer vision solutions for applications in consumer and industrial products including next generation gaming platforms, Smart TVs, biometric systems and robots. One of the company’s activities is the development of intellectual video systems for ski resorts. The company has offices in Chelyabinsk, Miass, Ekaterinburg