Add more fun and competition to an ordinary skiing weekend for your clients: interactive slalom competitions, automatic video recording on a slalom track and at a snowpark. Let your clients to share their memories and achievements with friends and family in social networking services via smartphone application My SkiRacer. All you need is just turn the SkiRacer system on. Everything else is done automatically! Make your ski resort the most entertaining skiing destination!

Why SkiRacer?

  • Your logo will appear in dozens new videos in social networking sites, blogs etc. every day.
  • Increasing interest and loyalty of your clients.
  • Opportunity to easily organize promo events and amateur slalom competitions on a daily basis.
  • Extra revenue.

Choose your option:

  • SkiRacer – automatic video recording and automatic timing.
  • SkiRacer Snowpark - automatic video recording of tricks at your snowpark.
  • SkiRacer Wireless Timing – automatic wireless timing system (works via Wi-Fi).


Race. Get video. Share.

SkiRacer is a complete hardware and software solution for automatic HQ video recording of races and organizing of amateur slalom competitions. SkiRacer provides: registration, video recording of runs, timing, leaderboard. After finishing the race the participants can use their smartphones to view the recorded videos and racing results and share them in social networking services (Facebook, Twitter,

Skiracer Snowpark

Automatic video recording of tricks at your snowpark

SkiRacer Snowpark – is an automatic video recording system for snowpark. To start video recording your clients need just check in the skipass reader. Everything else is done automatically. After performing the trick your clients will be able to watch the video and share it in social networks using smartphone app My SkiRacer or website publishing dozens of new videos with your ski resort logo in the Internet everyday.

SkiRacer wireless timing

Organize racing against the clock with no problems and wires

Fully automatic wireless timing system SkiRacer is the turn-key solution for organizing amateur ski races or for training purposes.
SkiRacer Wireless timing system can be easily intergrated with the standard timing equipment (Tag Heuer or equivalent) and a ski resort billing system.
Everything the ski resort needs is an internet connection (wired or wireless) at the start and finish gates.

It is really easy to use the system:

  • The client use his/her skipass to start the race.
  • After race is finished you can watch your results and share it in social networks using smartphone application My SkiRacer or this website.

Installation in less than 10 minutes)


No wires


Automatic timing and publication of results


Easy access to results through a smartphone app or website


Easy integration with a ski resort billing system

iOS/Android app

Still don’t have a smartphone app of your resort?


We will build an Android/iOS application that will allow your clients to:

  • Find information about your ski resort, weather, slopes, prices etc.
  • Get information about the number of their rides and distance covered.
  • Share their achievements in social network services (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube).
  • Use automatic system for skiing/snowboarding competitions “SkiRacer”*.
  • Watch videos of their rides*.

* SkiRacer system required.