Sinaia Resort







Sinaia owns the most complex and fully ski area of Romania . The biggest advantage of the resort is the difference of the altitude level , Sinaia being the only winter resort in Romania to have slopes placed along 1,000 meters of altitude , starting with Partia Noua ( New Slope) with arrival point at gondola station and ending with the high altitude slopes of Valea Soarelui and Valea Dorului . Thus, at Cota 2000 the snow lasts longer due to the low alpine temperatures . Basically, Sinaia is the resort with the longest winter season (November to May) .

 The ski area of the city currently owns sixteen approved ski slopes plus other three ski trails , making a total of twenty five kilometers of slopes that are served by two gondolas ,three chairlifts , two cables and a babyski .

These numbers rank Sinaia in the top of the mountain resorts from Romania.


Phone: 0244 311 788/ 0244 310 248
Address: B-dul Carol I nr. 47, Sinaia, Romania